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Dental Hygienist - licensed and registered in the State of New York is CPR certified and OSHA compliant.

She performs the dental prophylaxis (cleaning) as well as take the necessary x-rays for a complete examination. She educates you on homecare that will suit your specific dental needs. 

Her continuing education at New York University Dental School certifies her to administer  and monitor nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and local anesthsia. These are services that will help in the comfort of your cleanings. 

Dental Assistant - certified in the State of New York ,CPR trained and OSHA compliant, she is Dr. Maresca's right hand in all procedures. She will make sure that you are comfortable and help answer any questions that may concern you.

Front Desk Coordinator - will be your first point of contact with the office. She has been in the dental administration field for many years and is responsible for scheduling your appointments and making sure your file is kept current and confidential. She is able to answer any questions you may have regarding dental insurance, flexible spending and financing options.

Book Keeper - is responsible for all accounts receivable and payable. She is our OSHA contact person and acts as team office manager.

Lab Technicians - certified in the State of New York and OSHA compliant, are on-site and work closely with you and Dr Maresca to make sure your dental work is perfect.